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Family Gold Dust


Castonguay Family Gold Dust is composed of slightly weathered mica-schist from central Alaska. The mica gives the material a glittery appearance and is very soft to the touch. However, this material is exclusive to the family and not offered here for sale. It is invaluable and we treasure every milligram we have.



This mica-schist, a metamoropohic rock, was formed from ocean-lain sediments so has a connection to the water element.

Collected on 8-8-2008 in a very remote location in Central Alaska. During work for the Alaska Department of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, we were helicoptered into an area known as Mansfield Creek to gather observations of a potential fault (turned out not to be a fault). This sediment was collected from the paleoseismic trench, only about 3 pounds. A couple of days later, my lover called from Oregon to let me know our work to conceive before I left had caught and she was with child (Oshen).

We have used in our personal magick every since and have gifted 3 ounce vials to our extended family, and precious little remains. We do used this in some crafts, specifically the 'Starry Night' Winter Solstice Candles. 

If you are interested in obtaining this material, be ready for a long expedition! I would love to travel to the location again someday...  

Use sparingly, as this material is irreplaceable and once stock is depleted will never be offered again. 

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