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The long awaited

Erocktica 2020

erotic art, with rocks

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2020 April.JPG
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New to 2020 edition:

  • New, hot models (rock and human) 

  • Printed with soy ink and post-consumer recycled paper via

  • Added holiday dates, new White Rabbit images, and moon phases

About the Calendar

Each month features a different sexy outcrop of an interesting significance. Included is the geographic location (usually a regional description), the featured formal formation name and age, and a literature reference for you to read up geohistory. Though I am the model of several of these silly, er… sexy, photos, each photo is labeled with the photographer and model name and all permissions were granted for those featured.

The features may not be safe-for-work (NSFW) or all ages. There is no full nudity or backsides and all poses, though suggestive, are meant to be tasteful and incite fun. 

A Creation Myth

It all started on a Structural Geology field trip to Death Valley. At that time in my geo career, I had never touched rocks older than Mesozoic and I was a little obsessed with getting to touch the ‘metamorphic basement’ rock of the region. At every stop I had been asking if we would see those rocks. Finally, the field trip leader--later my M.Sc. thesis advisor and good friend--Marli Miller looked me in the eyes and said “we are going to see the basement, and you can get naked and roll in it.” At that challenge and the desert heat, the January 2019 photo was the fun-inspired result of the statement and the beginning of Erocktica, coined by photographer Tracy Terral. In the ensuing 10 years, I’ve posed for many photos and asked many a geologist for their contribution. Special acknowledgement to all the photographers and models!

Earth is Sexy!!!

I have long admired the visual pleasures of earth--the curvy, rolling landscapes of grasslands, rigid hoodoos of towering rock, the fragrance of blooming flowers, and erupting mushrooms from the underworld--with a psycho-spiritual erotic fascination. This lustful appreciation of nature is combined with the, equally as lustful, intellectual engagement with the earth through Earth Systems Sciences. From undergraduate ('03-'10), graduate, ('11-'13), and a six years of teaching introductory geology, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, field ecology and energy ('13-'18), my lust is infused with the beauty and magick of the natural sciences.

Erocktica 2019

Cover Image

The 2019 spread was

popular enough that we are back for 2020!

Here are some teasers from last year!

Erocktica 2019

January image

Erocktica month

Calendar Example

Erocktica 2019

Back Cover

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