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Earth Systems Science 

Educational Materials

During my career as a College Instructor (University of Oregon, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Treasure Valley Community College) I developed a LOT of my own teaching materials for use in my style of teaching. In this section of the store, I am providing a few of the most unique resources.

Earth Systems Science BINGO

This variation on the classic BINGO game has images of different elements of each Earth System. Each system has 7 possible elements, 6 different boards pre-made and the 'free spot' is the Soil, where all the spheres interact together to form the Factory of Life. 

To Play, simply draw a picture element and call out! For example, one could call-out 'Tectonics' and the players would search for the word Tectonics or image. This search will help each player to associate different elements with the systems. Many times I would use this game to also give a 2-3 minute mini-lecture on the element and how it fits into the system. Variations can be made for younger players. 

Earth Systems Science BINGO.jpg
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