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A powerful term that may conjure images of unicorns, Harry Potter, childhood naivety, or "rabbit out of the hat" tricksters. All magical, but here I am specifically referring to the

"science and art of causing change to occur in conformity at will",

adapted from Aleister Crowley and Jonathan Zap. Additionally, I consider all natural phenomenon, known or unknown, as the product of Gaias Magick.

Living is Magick! Every action, or inaction, of biologically living materials is Magick. 

Is Witchcraft also Magick?

Not necessarily synonymous, but there is clearly overlap!

A good compilation of Types of Witches can be found here. By reviewing these types, it is clear that witchcraft is not quite as narrow as a practice, but is often more of a lifestyle that informs several aspects of the Witch's life. It is also clear that a part of that craft is also includes the practice of Magick.

Is Alchemy also Magick?

Again, closely related but there are inevitably differences as used in ancient times but there are striking differences today. 

A good Alchemy reference. 

Is Astrology also Magick?

Similarly, Magick is often associated with Astrology. I again argue they are different and do not depend on one another, though entangled.

As far as pop-Astrology, I have always respected Rob Brezsny's FreeWillAstrology. I also really enjoy New Paradigm Astrology by Kaypacha. For a deeper level of chart reading, about 10-years ago I picked up "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need" by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. Though I know there is deep meaning behind all of this, I have struggled with the blatant differences between this modern adaptation of classical astrology to the actual night sky. For instance, the ecliptic of the sun passes through the Zodiacal Constellations once per year, but there are 13-recognized modern constellations along that path because there is some space between Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is actually part of the constellation Ophiuchus a sign that is virtually never talked about in astrology. Similarly, the sun does not pass through these constellations evenly spending 30 or so days in each, Oh No! The Sun spends ~45 days in the Virgo constellation and mere 7 days in Scorpius. More, the Sun doesnt actually enter Scorpius until November 23rd! 

Needless to say, the two systems are completely different and arguable modern Astrology has virtually nothing to do with the actual positions of the celestial bodies.  

Now, we need not throw the baby out with the bathwater! These Astrological Archytypes are very useful as divination or personality, but I have always suggested (other scientists have as well) the SEASONS are the environmental impact a person experiences that imbues them with personality that we chalk up to the Signs. Probably the same in ancient times, at a time when the clocks of the stars were the way we marked all annual events. 

I believe these systems need ramified, or forever will Astrology remain inaccurate 


Adapted from Aleister Crowley and Jonathan Zap as posted at on November 29th 2018. 

1. Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will. 

2. Every intentional act is a Magickal Act. 

3. A person who is doing her True Will has the rhythm of the Universe to assist her.

4. Every force in the Universe is capable of being transformed into any other kind of force by using suitable Magick. There is thus an inexhaustible supply of any particular kind of force that we may need.

5. A person may attract to herself any force of the Universe by making herself a fit receptacle for it, establishing a connection with it, and arranging conditions so that its nature compels it to flow toward her.

6. A person's sense of herself as separate from, and opposed to, the Universe is a bar to her conducting its currents. It insulates her.

7. The most important preliminary to any Magickal operation is to make sure that its object is not only harmonious with, but necessary to, your Great Work

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