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Earth is Sacred:

             its systems,

            Its Essence,

and our relationship with it. 

I have my own eclectic beliefs that draw from thousands of years of human Experience and interpretation, mine included.

These beliefs are ever changing with every new experience, every moment, every word. 

                    That is what can be found here, on these pages:

                                               My own druidic path. 

This is here just for reference. You should disagree with a percentage (0.01-99.99) of what I believe, as we all have different individual perspectives. It is important to me that we all include knowledge gained from scientific processes into our spiritual path, and that is the only thing you may find that I 'preach'. It is not my objective to 'preach' or convert, rather to educate and justify why i have come to my own spiritual conclusions. Through reading what others believe, we gain a new perspective that may impact out own. I have found that my beliefs most closely align with old nature-based animistic-paganism, that could today be classified under a druidic path. 

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