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Stone Storytelling: 

Your stone has a story, are

you willing to listen? 

As the saying goes, "the best geologist is the once that has seen the most rocks". Using my training as a geologist, I like to discuss the history of your stone: minerals, crystals, rocks, jewelry, or other. 

Online consultations are free, but not as revealing. 

In-person consultations encouraged. Please contact, or check my calendar for a site-visit near you. 

"The labradorite stone of you pendent was born from a hot magma, a thousand degrees Celsius, derived from upwelling Asthenospheric mantle, hundreds of kilometers deep. Rich in calcium, aluminum, silica and oxygen, Labrodorite is specific type of Feldspar Plagioclase making up the plutonic rock Gabbro.


Earth-Fire and mother of clays, which yield life*."   

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