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Earth Spirit

What can be found in these pages are my own eclectic perspectives on the the merger between the known and unknown worlds we humans invoke the spirit to explain; a stream of consciousness from my own learning.   

I claim no authority, nor want any. What I believe and practice is a collection of my own experience, some of which I get to share here at my love for Earth Systems Science communication, Permaculture Principles and Magickal Crafting. I follow no religious system (not Buddhism, not Judaism-Christianity-Islam, or Hinduism, nor any form traditional Paganism) but instead enjoy the overlap between all spiritual path to see that all are valid but none are final.  

Proceed on your own sacred path with and open heart, mind, and soul. Im happy our paths have crossed :). 

I identify as a Pagan Witch*, most simply. 

To find out more about my magcik practice, here. 

To find out more about the Pagan beliefs, here. 

Core to my belief system is a fascination with 

The Five Sacred Things

The Sacred Spiral

Spirit of Scale

*Pagan and Witch are terms that come loaded in our culture

and much false information surrounds the common usage of the terms.

More discussion can be found elsewhere, but in general: 

Pagan: worshiper of a nature-based set of deities (neopagan)

Witch: practitioner of nature-based magick

yOUR Personal Legend is important, to yourself and all of us. We are all children of the same universe and members of the same global community. 

What is yOUR Legend?

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